the greatest story ever drawn

So G brought home 3 "books" that he made in school. They are composed of about 6 little sheets of paper with little drawings or letters- one consists entirely of smiley faces, drawn remarkably alike, except one seems to be peering between some tall grasses and one seems to be relaxing in an overstuffed chair.
We get in the car as I pick him up from school and he says, "I have to look at my books."
"OK" I say, driving along.
He looks through one of the books and puts it down, disgruntled. "Well THAT was short."

I died.

Still fighting the current

The universe continues to conspire against us. JD got tune-up/small car repair- $189. I got maintenance $65. Awesome, cars should be good for 3 mos and we got by for about $250. JD calls- normally he works from home today, but he was on his way to training and his car broke down. Mechanic thinks transmission is going. Cats, squirrels, cars- it's always SOMETHING.

A good match.

Weekend conversation with JD:
Commercial comes on TV, advertising ""
Me: "Oh please, that is the lamest name ever. They didn't even try. How about 'Cross Paths' or something? Even that's better, and it only took me 10 seconds to come up with it."
I think a moment longer. "Oh! Who Would Jesus Date?"
JD: "Who Would Jesus Do?"
Me: "You win."

Wheels on fire...

So on our way home from dinner last night, we saw a car on fire. We heard it before we saw it......KKKKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr...... and then it appeared in a blaze of glory. A big, boxy, white sedan with the left front tire in flames-- the entire thing. It was a huge disc of fire, the entire wheel was engulfed. I fumbled for my camera, but the light changed and it turned the corner and disappeared into the night, trailing sparks and smoke, leaving only a memory and the smell of burning rubber. JD and I looked at each other in wonder, and I took his hand and told him how glad I was we had witnessed it together. Really, you had to be there.

boy's got a smart mouth....

G, eating dinner, complaining, as usual.
G: I don't like some of it, like the water (apparently I did not quite drain the pasta enough)
Me: Well... that's the nature of pasta.
G: You're the nature of pasta.
Me (to JD): You're going to end up getting our boy clobbered.
apop show

getting the crazy out

Took the kiddo to Jump St yesterday- I think I liked it more than him, all he wanted to do was play video games. :D It was actually quite hard, and very tiring, but I can say that even at my age, jumping on a trampoline is still fun, although I looked super dorky. I kept losing my balance and fighting the momentum instead of letting it carry me, but once I relaxed a little it was more enjoyable. I tried a front flip about 4 times- the first 3 times I didn't make it all the way around and landed on my butt, the fourth time I was more determined and decided to look for the ground, and over-rotated and almost landed on my face. ^_^ Running across the things is nuts- I couldn't master leaping from one tramp to another in a single bound (a couple of guys came in and were doing it, I am way too chicken) but eventually I could sort of bound into a running stride and I felt kind of like a deer, which was really fun.
Rode last night after I put the kid to bed, and it was nice to be physically all tuckered out, though I got to bed late so I'm tired and really hungry this morning. :)

Things that suck

So we spent $550 getting the soffet on our house repaired- and the squirrel came back. Now I'm spending $125 to have a pest control company set traps, and $85 for each time they come back to the house to pick up caught squirrel(s). Then we have to fix the hole, AGAIN.

Damnit Neon, we miss you.